Coop from child's play house swing set.

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    We have built two coops and a shared run from our kids old playhouse swingset combo. One is 6 x 6 and 5 1/2 feet tall and the other is 4 x 6 and 5 1/2 feet tall. The run is 20 feet long and 6 feet wide and 8 1/2 feet tall. The underside of the small coop will be a dust bath and the underside of the large coop will be a feeding area and a few perch areas. The smaller coop will have a whole wall that opens for easy cleaning and the nesting boxes are exterior to save floor space. Both will have poop trays that are easily removable and removable roost bars. Run has 14 guage cattle fencing with hardware cloth over top. We dug 1 1/2 feet deep around the outside and connected hardware cloth to the frame and skirted both coops and the run. One coop has wood shingles and the other and the run have steel roofs. We laid roof underlayment and lenolium that someone gave us on the floors to stop drafts. We still have some work to go but structures are in place & sound.[​IMG]
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    [​IMG]Looks great! Those'll be some lucky chickens!

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