Coop/Garden/Greenhouse Combo Build

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    Dec 15, 2013
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    Looking for some help, pictures if youve done it already...

    Im in the planning stage, we are currently building our house but will get to this here soon enough...

    Thinking about a coop with a greenhouse/run on two different sides...

    Not sure how big of coop or run/garden we need... maybe the run size should just be dependant on how big of garden/greenhouse we NEED.. fiance is a big gardener, so it wont be small... maybe 14ftx30ft or 16x30..? Need to measure...

    Seems like im going to run into big money quick.. im thinking about building it with roof trusses about 4 ft apart and about 6ft off the ground at the bottom of the trusses... frame the 4 side walls... cover it all in wire... cant have the wood frame sitting on the ground though... maybe pour a exterior frame slab of concrete about 8 or 10 inches wide?

    Not sure how to go about it... dodnt really want to put 10k into this LOL..
  2. wlantry

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    Mar 26, 2015
    Match construction styles and materials. You don't need to pour concrete, that gets expensive right quick. The long wall of the greenhouse should face south, so the coop and run can share a solid north wall. Just run one utility trench for both structures.
  3. wlantry

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    Mar 26, 2015
    You don't want trusses on either structure. Use gussets instead. You'll save a fortune in heating costs if you design a large inground pond under the greenhouse benches. That's usually wasted space.

    The bigger the greenhouse is, the easier it is to take care of. You'll use All the space before you know it. And make sure there's plenty of headroom.
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  4. aart

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    Go with hoop houses for the greenhouse parts.

    Lot so of options, think thru the goals(size and useage) first, then pick the structure materials that meet the space and climate needs

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