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  1. ivyboo

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    Apr 28, 2017
    Toledo, Ohio
    I have about 4 week old chicks. 4 Isa browns and 2 silkies. This is my first time having chickens. I have been searching for a good coop with out spending a fortune. Seems like most seem to build there own instead of buying them. I'm learning a lot from reading these posts but I have a few questions. Also any recommendations or ways to make raising chicken easier please let me know.
    Should I have a roof over the run to protect from rain and snow or do they stay in the coop during bad weather? I live in Toledo, Ohio.

    For the run so it's not a muddy mess, I just put pine, leaves, grass clippings etc. in there?

    Does anyone use the pvc pipe or bucket with nipples for water or food dispensers that help from a mess? I'm trying to make it the easiest on me to clean and tend to.
  2. Percheron chick

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    Apr 12, 2013
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    Covering the run is a great bonus for a rainy snowy climate. They will use it all winter long helping them stay out of trouble. Your coop can be on the smaller side when they spend time outside scratching and sunbathing. Wrapping the run with plastic will keep out the blowing snow. The roof will cut down on the mud. Bedding it will give them something to scratch in. I don't because it blows out but I do dump wheelbarrows of horse poop or yard waste for entertainment.

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