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    This might be a long shot but I am planning on building a hoop coop and we are at a loss as to where to start the actual coop part. Here's what we have so far...

    This is the run we are planning:

    We unexpectedly found a new home that is better suited to our needs but unfortunately there is no coop on the property but we have 5.5 acres to work with. Possible flooding in certain areas is a possibility. Can't have everything right?

    The plan is to maximize run space and adding vertical room in the run as well. In addition to supervised free range time as my time allows. We are going to have to cram everyone in this setup until we can get a second coop built to accommodate our numbers better.
    I have 8 hens, 1 cock, 8 - 13wk old pullets, and 7 - 13wk old cockerels who will be finding new homes once they mature more and I pick my breeders for 2017. It's gonna be tight at first I know... :/ they are all currently in one big spacious coop and run.

    My problem is a mixture of tight funds (reference run mentioned above :gig ) and how do I come up with 25ft of roost space in a coop? It has to have an easy to clean a poo board(+ stall dry or Sweet PDz) and easy access nest boxes. The chickens will be split into 2 coops eventually but this will have to do temporarily for everyone. Looking for ideas for a coop of 25. We have been warned of heavy predator traffic so safety is first!
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    Are you in the east or the west of the state?

    I'm on the west side of Oregon, and I don't have "coops" for all my birds. Our weather is good enough, I have breeding pens similar to that hoop coop and house birds there year round. They're sheltered, mine is tucked back against a tall board fence and between a hay shed and hte pump house, but there's no wood enclosure. You might consider that, at least as a temp thing until you get established and decide exactly what you want and where.

    here's a link to my pens...

    If you're on the east side, with harsher weather, this is a moot point. You mentioned flooding, though, which made me think west/wet.

    For a permanent coop, I'd be thinking shed. So much better than a smaller elevated coop.

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