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    Mar 26, 2011
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    I am looking for ideas on a new coop. Right now we have 8 chicks, of which I'm assuming most are roos. I am planning on picking up a few hens from a friend this week, but would like to get back up to the 25 or 30 hens we had before. However, numbers could easily get up to 50 with the amount of land we have here that is not being used for anything else and chicken math. We currently have an approx 16 x 10 coop with 6 boxes and two roosts 10 ft long across the back. It needs some work as it was built by my father-in-law when my husband was just a little boy and it had a lot of sentimental value after his passing last Jan. So it MUST stay. However, I'm not sure it would be big enough for the number that I'm sure will be acquired. We live in Indiana where the summers are hot and humid and winters can be pretty darn cold. I'm thinking I would like to build something around 12x20 or so, but not sure if insulation would be required or necessary. Our last hens did fine in the uninsulated coop throughout the winter, but it was no where near warm. The chickens will most likely be able to free range a little over an acre with a 40x50 enclosed run. I've browsed the coops but not real sure what would be ideal for us.

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