1. 5Chickens

    5Chickens Songster

    Dec 13, 2007
    Phew, I have been looking through just the first 10 coops on the coop designs page and I am already lost. There are just so many! [​IMG]
    So I was hoping you guys could help me out with finding a coop design that would fit my requirements. So on to the requirements...

    1: Nice looking enough where it could be in a neighborhood setting.
    2: A coop where it cannot be big enough so I can walk in it. (Strange, yes, but there are others in the household who do not want something huge and tall [​IMG]
    3: And I am wanting a coop where it can be divided into sections for different breeds (About 4-6 different sections/bantam sized). And then I want to have a space for my laying hens ( about 2-3)

    Is there a way I can make the coop so where a rooster cannot be heard as easily? I have a banty rooster who is pretty quiet and has a soft crow, but I would like to have more than 1 banty roo. So is there a way to sound proof the coop or muffle the sounds?

  2. 5Chickens

    5Chickens Songster

    Dec 13, 2007
    bump? any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. wsdareme

    wsdareme Songster

    Mar 9, 2010
    Yelm, WA
    Quote:Boy, that's going to be a tough order. With 7 different separate set ups for feed, water, roosts, nests, etc. to keep them apart. Then runs for all of them: 6 runs of 60 sq ft each for the breeding pairs, plus a run with 30 sq feet for the layers. On top of that, what are you going to do with the breeding birds? Unless you sell every single egg and/or chick, you're going to have a LOT of chickens in a hurry. All of that in a neighborhood setting? What are your ordinances with regards to the number of chickens you can have. I have a 12'x15' coop with a 10'x20' run, and there' nowhere near enough space for me to do what you're wanting to do. You might want to rethink your ideas... [​IMG]
  4. downhome

    downhome Chirping

    Mar 20, 2009
    genesse county, MI
    my suggestion is small coops, think dog house size (large dog house) I have a duck house the dimensions are 4x8 foot print, 4' high in the front and three in the back. the high side is where I put the door but if I did one for a coop, I would put it on the short side so I could fit enough roosting pole in.
    something that size could easily divide it in to 2 sections. and have the yards devided also. I would assume each one (4x8 with twice the yard)could house 10-16 birds based on breed size and temperment as well as run size.

    it cost me 70 dollars so easy enough to build one or two at a time,small enough a couple people can move if need be not real noticable either,small pressence.

    I also think the critters are more comfy in the winter as the body heat only has a smaller area to warm.

    I would make the run "panelized" so I could pop it apart easy, little thought you could come up with a pleasant look.

    I like to use dog eared pickets they are not to pricey and you can leve them whole or rip them down on a table saw in to smaller slats.
    you can nail or screw them in to a trellis or just space them a bit and nail on to two by fours. when doing thwe second way I staple wire on the back side. but I like the pickets for extra insurance.

    to attach you panels get a hinge with a pin, so you can pull the pin or maybe just slide the one run for access. poultry net for the top.

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