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    Jan 5, 2014
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    I am already buying materials for my coop/run. I have been tossing up different ideas. how should I set my coop on the ground or build it on a deck pad. mind you I live in texas and most of the year its warm to hot. so what do you all think. I will be taking precautions for predators and such. the locations of the coop will be under a big cedar tree and also half of my run will have a tin roof on it for shade the other half will be bird netting. I approximately am looking at housing 8-10 chickens. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Don't do a traditional coop.

    You want a mostly open coop.

    bird netting is fine for keeping chickens in, but will not keep dogs out. Dogs will probably be your biggest predators.

    Here are some threads with pictures of more open coops.

    Think one solid wall and a solid roof, and the rest open. Or, if you have lots of wind, maybe just half walls.

    However, you do NOT want a solid coop with some ventilation.

    threads to look through:

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    Jan 5, 2014
    Harwood, tx
    ok I got you. I do plan on doing my run wide open for sure. I see how they did there coop pretty neat thanks.
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    I think something like this made by bonebrake on BYC is ideal.

    It has two walls, that both stop before the top, and a roof. The nest box if in the corner to keep it dry in a big rain storm. In Texas you probably need more roof overhang to keep the torrential rain you get out of the coop.

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