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Oct 21, 2018
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we weren’t thinking when building a coop attached to our shed and forgot about lighting. We would need to do a lot to run electricity to it so I’m wondering if their are options for wireless lighting? Something I can charge every couple days or daily. I do have an extension cord out their for the water heater but I wanted to see what you guys do for lighting so they will lay eggs. I have been researching but not finding what I’d like. Thank you all so much!!


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Aug 30, 2017
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If you have an extension cord for the water heater why bother with some solar setup that costs a lot of money for little return.

Extra light for chickens should be started in the morning so natural sunset will allow them time to get settled in on the roost. Also you need about 14 hours of light bright enough to simulate the summer laying season. Chickens are hard wired to not lay eggs when there is more dark than light (winter) as it is's a waste of resources.



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Solar setup would need large enough collector and battery storage to make sure light goes 14 hours every day on same schedule as controlled by a timer. Would be pricey.

I use an extension cord.
Outdoor GFCI to heavy duty outdoor cord into coop shed..... power strip that holds timer for light and thermocube for water heater.
I am lucky that all that is outside the actual coop in the shed so birds have no access,
only thing going into coop is power cord to waterer.
Can't see light in this pic, it is in metal shaded fixture on 'ceiling' of coop.

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