coop inside the barn/winterize

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    I have coop inside the barn it is a pen that is one corner of the barn about 10ft. I then hung tarps on the side that is just hard wire and the door so it is actually closed in section now and have a light on I have another I could leave on also how much heat would it actually give if any the floor is deep litter about 4inches at this time.Would it raise the temp a couple degrees or so maybe to above freezing on really cold nites?
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    (You're sweet, but wow, what a run-on sentence! [​IMG] Your post was a little difficult to read at first, but I'll try to help).

    What I would do is hang a thermometer in your coop and check it one cold night with the lights on, then check it on another night with the lights off (obviously, you would have to wait several hours when the lights are on before reading the temperature). That should give you a good estimate of the amount of heat the lights give off.

    Are there cracks in the barn walls where a draft blows in? A constant cold draft may cancel out any heat produced by the lights.

    I'm personally not sure tarp would be much of an insulation over the wire. It might block wind, but it won't add much extra protection from cool temperatures.

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