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  1. Duh insulate it

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  2. Deff not needed

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  3. They'll be fine without insulation but they would prefer it to be insulated

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  1. EvansMeXo

    EvansMeXo Songster

    May 20, 2017
    Nova Scotia
    we live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Our winters can be pretty cold with really deep snow. Some sites I'm reading are saying insulation in the coop is key, others are saying no it's not needed/it's a bad idea to do. Opinions? Pros? Cons? I will NOT be Heating the coop, I've read that's totally unnecessary and a fire hazard. Please let me know your thoughts on the insulation, I think the colder winter nights are around -15-20 Celsius before windchill
  2. JaeG

    JaeG Crossing the Road

    Sep 29, 2014
    New Zealand
    The only problem with insulation I've read is you are giving pests, such as mites, a place to hide and breed that is inaccessible to you. Birds are tough and as long as their house is draft free and small enough to be warmed by their combined body heat they should do just fine. Some people give them a heat lamp but the danger with that is the power failing or bulb blowing, causing your birds to freeze as they have acclimated to the warmer, heated temperature rather than the ambient temperature.
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  3. tinakevin

    tinakevin Songster

    Nov 1, 2015
    New hampahire
    I insulated both my coops. I live in New Hampshire and we can get very cold as well. I don't heat my coop but I do keep it well vented. I have not had any bug problems either. Everyone does things differently it's all a matter of preference
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