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    Mar 10, 2013
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    Hi there, there are a ton of awesome coop designs here on BYC. However, I am curious about the *inside*. Does anyone have any pictures they could share on what the interoior layout of their coop looks like? I am trying to brainstorm for blueprints on my up and coming coop I and the hubby will be building, and was having a tough time figuring out where to put everything (vents, windows, roosts, nests, human door, etc) inside. Was also planning to completely enclose the coop inside a large run, so am brainstorming on a chicken door. Something to keep the drafts out but to let chickens in and out as they please. That way on days I'm not up very early or running late getting home, they can go in and roost or come out to scratch as they need/want too. Doggie door? Vinyl strips? Anyone have door alternative? And no, I can not afford the auto door. Any help is appreciated ![​IMG]
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    i dont have any pictures at current however i will give you one really good piece of advice . . .DO NOT put your nesting boxes higher than your roosts.
    Otherwise they will nest in the boxes instead of the roosts and you end up doing nothing but cleaning poop out of them. . .
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    There are a large variety of ways to design a coop layout. For mine.... I have the coop windows on the south side and the human door on the East end since most all weather and winds come from the West. Roost bar on one side and nest boxes on the other (exterior boxes save a lot of space!). I have 2 pop doors from the coop to the run and both are are well sheltered from drafts. You can build a covered pop door entry with scrap wood! Below are a few pictures to give you a few ideas. Hope this Helps!

    Covered pop door from coop to run

    Coop. Nest boxes left. I close the panels near the nest boxes in the Winter and open the panels to the covered run during the Warm months. Things stay dry but nice and open! Roost right. more nest boxes in coop extension in background. [​IMG]
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    My Coop
    I've been working on a BYC page about our coop that's under construction. It's almost complete, the interior was painted yesterday. We're just waiting for the hardware cloth to be delivered to get it done. In the first paragraph is a link to a BYC thread about coop construction that I found really helpful, too.

    There are a few pics of interior features while under construction. I need to take an updated picture of the roost as my husband completed it just a few days ago.

    Here's the link>
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    mtnlaurl LOVE your coop! Can you come rebuild mine? (got demolished from storm sandy:(

    Since I have to rebuild my 12 x 20+ Dutch barn which housed my chicks in a 12 x 4+ area, I'm expanding and redoing things from alot of the ideas I have gotten here.


    Above is the interior before chickens and storm sandy hit,, There is also a corner poop board, and I found the above roost seemed high for my birds, so installed a lower level one off to the right of this picture.

    My 'new" plans will include the Below nesting box/roost/poop board we built this winter, it's 8 feet long

    And will end up going on the back (left) wall of the 1st pictured area,


    I've purchased a couple of HUGE windows which will go front left side of the above pic, since the double doors will be moved to the far right which will be storage area..

    This is what my coop looks like now, after we cleaned up the demolishion mess from storm sandy,
    Luckily the floor is good, and I salvaged alot of wood etc , we now think it looks like an outhouse :))
    Now if the weather would warm up so we can start rebuilding that would be nice
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    Jul 24, 2010
    I would refer to get my egg from outside where clean. The run will be muddy and the coop full of poop so I wouldn't want the walk in type design. I also like raise up floor because it keep the predator and rat living under the floor away. The key make it simple your life as possible.
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    Thanks all! :)

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