Coop Just Finished and the Girls and 1 Guy are Enjoying Their New Home (pic heavy)


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6 Years
Apr 18, 2013

I guess about a 3 week build and roughtly $600-$700 later my coop is finished. I tried to think of everything to make it lower maintenance but even the minute I finished I thought of something else I should have done. Made the back open wide for easy cleanout. All main walls and floor have vinyl installed. Perch tilts up to make it easy to clean up underneath. Food and water are installed just while their are transitioning before they become free range. Coop door opens from outside by a little pulley system. Installed a plug in system so I could run lights or a heater if needed. Nesting boxes are covered with the same roofing materials and opens from the outside. Let me know what you think and any changes that need to be made. I already know that I want a lower window so I can look inside without opening the door.


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