Coop Night Light? Verdict Needed!


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Hey there chicken-loving friends! This is my first post. :)

Okay, my flock is out in the coop, here in West Texas and our weather is mild right now. They are well protected and locked in all night. The flock is 12 birds that are 7 weeks old. I have total confidence in the coop's integrity from the local varmits that like the taste of chicken. Soooooo.....

I know that there is quite a debate about whether or not the coop should have a low-level nightlight on all night. Some books say yes, some no. Some threads here seem to be split on this too.

Help me out: Do I need a night light?

Instruct me, O wise ones!

(Oh, and so nice to be here!)
I have only had chickens since the spring but I live the north and a day light is getting shorter and short so I give my chickens some light in the morning and at night so that is seams light they get 12 hrs of day light
It seems to me that chickens adapt very well to what is provided for them. Although light is not necessary, if you want them to have light, then go for it. They do just fine without it.

Welcome to BYC! :weee
I have lighting in the coop to provide about 14-16 hours of light to keep egg production going during our dark winter. I don't want to leave it on all night because is seems excessive. I've read that if the light is strong enough to read, that's bright enough so I use a compact flourescent that's equiv. to 40 watts in a small. coop. I use a time to turn it off about 8:30ish and back on early in the morning, before dawn.

I think of a night light as something that lets me see the walkway so I don't trip when I go out there in the dark!
Nothing to do with the chickens!

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