coop on the ground?


10 Years
May 20, 2012
I'm getting a used shed to convert into a coop. At it's current location it sits right on the ground. I think it might need to be up off the ground when it gets moved to my yard. Any ideas?
Oh the shed has a wood floor, just didn't know if it should be up off the ground or not
If the floor is in good shape, I don't see why not. But sometimes chickens will lay eggs under there, and you'll have a devil of a time getting them. My coop is off the ground, but the chickens don't have access under there. Maybe a photo of the coop-to-be will help us.
It gets moved next Tues.(if it doesn't fall apart
) ! Just was wondering if moisture could get under it & rot it out. If you think it might, what would you suggest it be set on?
To move it - Brace it well with 2x4s from one side to the other in a x in the front and other end and on side walls a x with 2x4s. I suggest you set it on 4x4 treated post so the 2x4 floor frame is not setting on the ground - it will rot out. Here's a picture of what you have to do when it rots out. This shed is about 40 years old. The 4x4s that were under the wood floor rotted out. We cut out all the bad wood and transformed it into this coop below. The area under coop is part of run and now has hardware cloth on legs. The chickens have protection from snow and rain and shade on hot days. We have 3 coops that are all raised 2' off the ground.

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