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9 Years
Mar 14, 2010
I am building a new coop. Any advise for painting or staining the inside where the chicks can get to it?
My thought is to paint the outside and leave the inside unfinished.
Is it worth painting the inside to make it easier to clean?
I am worried about the chickens pecking the surface and eating paint.
I painted inside mine and it really brightens the place up! (Well, OK, my wife did the actual painting)

ETA: It is exterior white semi-gloss.

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We painted the inside of ours all high-gloss white exterior paint for easier cleaning, and to make it lighter in there. Also, it seals the treated plywood to make it safe for the chickies.

I would think that them somehow pecking the treated wood would be worse than pecking the paint...well, I would do it. Our chickens haven't touched it, but we do keep an eye out.


Sorry, not complete but partial shot of the inside.
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It is way easier to clean a coop that's been painted inside. Also it is brighter, which makes wintertime decreases in daylength less severe of an issue.

Chickens are not going to be ingesting paint unless you've let the paint get peely, which means that it's time to redo it ANYhow (and probably do a better job of it this time
). If you prepare the surface properly (go over it with a tack cloth or similar, to remove dust and dirt; then apply a thin coat of primer, then a couple THIN coats of your paint) it will last a loooooooong time without peeling.

Anyhow, the great majority of paints on the market today are basically nontoxic if ingested dry -- just avoid anything that says it contains mercury or mildewcides, which will be on the label.

Good luck, have fun,

Well of course she did. Men hate painting interior spaces for some reason...

I didn't paint, but used a masonite type of paneling that serves the same purpose - much easier to clean!!! It's worth the little extra in time and money to make things easier in the long it does brighten up the place
Speaking of painting the inside of the coop...... I was wondering if I could paint the inside of mine even thought it is very humid and rainy outside. I have a deadline to meet and chickens coming on the 12th and no where to put them.

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