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    Lets see this post covers multiple items. first are some of the coop pictures.[​IMG] This one is resting while stapleing the wire.[​IMG] Here is lucy at 5 days old. [​IMG] a couple more of building the coop, [​IMG] [​IMG] an awesome power tool that a builder should never be without. [​IMG] almost finished! [​IMG] Oprah [​IMG] Lucy [​IMG] Tina [​IMG] eleanor [​IMG] Now I tried to get closeups to see if you all can tell if I need to pick more masculine names. Thanks.
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    How old are your chicks? They look about the same age as mine - mine are 3 wks on Monday. Can't help you with the gender though as I'm new to this myself!

    Your coop looks really nice - like a good use of the space you have also, and so neatly done! That's what I'm shooting for with my run panels I'm building now - want it to look pretty nice since we have neighbors...

    And, I LOVE power tools - I always say I can make or build anything if I just have the right tools and a good set of instructions! Last year's project was converting a 30x30 foot steel shell building into office/sewing room/living space. I framed out the walls, completely re-wired the building, including replacing the pony panel that was out there, and put in a laminate floor and dropped panel ceiling. I sure could have used a power nailer back then when I was doing all that framing by myself and installing 10' ceiling joists with no help... I had called a contractor but when he estimated me 20K for the job, I decided it couldn't be THAT hard. Took me a couple months, but finished up the job, including installing a window heat/cool unit AND buying furnishings (cabinets, sofa sleeper, etc) for less than 10K.

    My husband is great guy, but is scared of powertools and never works on anything like that - we have complete roll reversal in our house when it comes to any type of outdoor or home improvement project.

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    Great pictures. I think you have all lil girls there.

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