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    Dec 24, 2012
    Hot Springs, AR
    I have finally signed the paperwork for my new home and beginning to collect the materials I need to build my coop. I have read many posters suggest that the plastic tubs from Wally World would make great broody boxes.

    The ones I got are 16 in wide x 21 in deep x 16 in high. Will those be big enough for a big chicken like Cochins or Orpingtons? Also, I'm trying to figure out how to separate momma and babies from the other hens. Should I pre create a wall where the roosts are (directly above the nesting boxes) and have technically have two roosting areas until I close off part of it when I have a hen go broody and I close off part of the coop for her?

    Also, does any know if three feet is too high for Cochins or Orpingtons to roost?

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