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Jan 8, 2016
So I am up to close to 60 birds including the babies we have right now. The little Play to Learn houses aren't working for housing this many birds anymore. We had this old 10 x 12 shed that was falling apart, but it wasn't in a good spot for the chicken coop so we decided to remove the tin and rebuild it. I was so excited! I was able to divide and design the coop to be just like I wanted. I had a general idea when I started, but sort of let things flow as we were building. It isn't completely done, but the birds are in and all I really need to finish is painting a few things.


The original shed that we are rebuilding and moving is in the background. The new shed will be built raised and the birds will be able to go underneath.




The floor is laid and all the fencing is buried and wrapped around the chicken basment. The shed is connected to the run which is where the birds have been so this all had to be done in 1 day. The girls were loving all the digging we were doing since we found lots of bugs and worms.


Three walls built. The goats really thought this big barn was just for them. They weren't so happy with us once we closed it off and they couldn't have access to it anymore.


Got the front wall up and the roof on.


We sealed the floor with a clear sealant, but I just did not feel like it would keep the plywood from getting all nasty and rotting out sooner. We decided to put some Kilz on the floor and seal it well, on the plus side the floor and walls all look nicer.


Got the door built and you can see the lighted light switch. There is a light in the front tack/feed room and a light in the back for the chicken coops. There is also a flood light on the front that turns on as we are walking up to the barn.


Got the divider wall built to divide the two coops. The smaller one will be for guinea or silkie breeding pen.


We put chicken wire as the divider rather than a wall so that all the birds could see each other. This way hopefully putting birds back and forth between the two pens won't be too difficult.


This wall divides the front 4 feet of the barn from the coops. I keep feed and tack in the front. We are adding plexiglass viewing windows to the doors so we can peek in on the birds without actually disturbing them.


The brooder below opens up and clips to the roost bars for easy cleaning. There will be another smaller door added to be able to fill feed and water and add and remove chicks without letting all the birds out.


Love my colorful next boxes! These were super cheap and easy to make!


The birds are moved into the big coop and loving it. Took them a bit to figure out that they were supposed to roost on the boards lol.


The smaller coop for guinea and/or silkies. Right now the silkies are in there. There will be a door under their roost to go outside, but their run isn't built yet, so we have a bit more to finish up there.


The tack room area in the front. I am painting this wall white and putting some words and/or pictures on there for decoration.


These feeders were supposed to hold 54 pounds of food and be stackable, turns out they are NOT! They crushed so we had to build stands for them to be able to actual stack, but they are super easy to use and I love the set up.

I wanted to paint it teal and white on the outside, but barn paint doesn't come in tintable colors! UGH! So in the spring I will paint the outside red and white like a barn I guess. I will try to post some pictures of the super awesome door we built. We don't even have to go into the goat pen to open the door, just pull a rope and clip it to the fence.

Thanks for checking out our awesome coop rebuild!
It's never big enough for the number of birds :lau The big birds have a 2,500 Sq ft run attached plus a shaded 10 x 12 area underneath. They really don't spend much time in the coop lol. Going to build a run for the smaller coop soon too. It's way better than the set up I had.
How long did it take to get the frame and outside walls up? Planning on doing something similar and wanted to know if it would be possible to get the structure done in a day.
How long did it take to get the frame and outside walls up? Planning on doing something similar and wanted to know if it would be possible to get the structure done in a day.
We built the walls individually and then stood them up. We had the struggle that we had to make sure there were studs for each piece of tin so had to build the walls a little differently. I'd say it took us 3 or 4 evenings but if we had thought about the tin placement on the studs we could have gotten it done in a full day or 2. Interior took the most time really.

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