Coop remodel - phase 1 - the door

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    I am so proud of the work my 15yo dd and I did today! I am no master craftsman, and math is my nemesis (I teach writing instead ;-), but we did a great job replacing the door to our metal shed coop today! The metal doors were bent and cracked from the ground swelling through the winter and there were gaps galore at night. I thanked God every morning that the chickies were still safe and sound each day as I waited for a dry day to get out there and fix it. Well, now, it's FORT KNOX BABY! Nothing is going in or out! Check out the picts!

    old doors that we lined with plastic sheeting to keep out drafts through the winter.


    It felt so good to take those scrappy things off!


    The framing was a step by step job - lots of lucky mistakes we made that worked out in our favor.
    We built the door up higher to thwart the winter ground rise.


    And here they are in all their weather resistant paint coating just in time for the rain coming over the next 2 days!
    I just love the grooves I made for the rod that keeps the door shut tight!


    Tomorrow I'm going to cut windows in the top half of the doors. I'm going to build some frames where I can insert hardware cloth in the summer and glass panes in the winter.

    Oh, the chickies and I will sleep so well tonight! [​IMG]

    Next up - remodeling the inside to accommodate roosts and nests for the new flock...
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    Very cool doors!
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    Looks great. It does feel so good to get something like this accomplished!

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