Coop Remodel Suggestions?

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  1. mcstewartchick

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    I picked up this coop from a friend and after I give it a good cleaning I'm thinking of making some modifications.
    The coop measures 4'x8'.
    It has doors on either end of the coop and a door in the front. There is no pop door per se.

    Thinking of adding some big barn door style doors to the back of the coop so I can open it up for ease of cleaning. There is one nest box inside...if I added the doors to the back of the coop, I thought of adding external nest boxes on either end of the coop instead of the smaller doors. And adding an automatic pop door to the front.

    Who knows if I'm overthinking this, would like advice and ideas from seasoned coop owners, since this is my first coop! Chicks will be coming later this spring.

    One side:
    The other side:

    Thank you in advance!
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  2. Pork Pie Ken

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    Jan 30, 2015
    Africa - near the equator
    Some photos would be helpful, as would including your location.
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  3. mcstewartchick

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    Updated the post Ken, I hit post too fast! Haha!

    Location is Northern California, pretty mild winters (some frost some mornings but not much below 30* ever) and hot summers but we get a good afternoon breeze in my neighborhood.
  4. mcstewartchick

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    Oh, also of note, half of the floor is playwood and half is hardware cloth. Obviously the chicken poop does not fall through the wire as intended...thinking of changing the floor out for all plywood with vinyl flooring on top, maybe adding a few more small windows for ventilation to the back of the coop?
    Some photos of the inside of the coop...obviously needs a good cleaning.

  5. 21hens-incharge

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    I support your plan for the wood floor and the windows.
    I used porch and floor paint on my coops. I had vinyl but find the porch and floor paint to be holding up better. Plus it is not slippery.

    The only time I had mites here was when I had external nest boxes. I had six coops and only two had external boxes and only those two got mites.
    I vote internal boxes.

    A good cleaning and a little remodel will certainly give you a nice coop there.

  6. mcstewartchick

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    Thanks for the feedback! I was just thinking external boxes so they wouldn't take up precious floor space. Was hoping for about 8 chickens in this 4x8 coop.

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