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9 Years
Mar 5, 2010
Hey there im looking to get turkeys and dont know what type of coop or turkeys to get. Ive been reading around to see which ones I like, I really like the Mideget Whites but I dont really know what there good for. Please tell me what beed i should get for a begineer, any info will help.

People with WAY more experience than I have will no doubt comment, but my question is this -- what do YOU want them for? Pets, to eat, to breed? That will determine in large part what kind you should get.

I have "Calico Sweetgrass/Royal Palm" crosses. They're about 4 months old right now, and getting very, very pretty. Just pets.
Pick a turkey that your most attacted to or get a assortment. Do you know why you want to raise turkeys? I don't find any difference in there personality's. All heritage turkeys are hardy and breed naturally. One color is not any better for a beginner. Some colors might make a prettier plucked bird.

I like genetics and breeding so I don't like white birds. I am a color breeder and white would mess up most breeding plans. I also stay with standard size birds, so they can be crossed.

My turkeys sleep inside and are locked up at night. They will perch on anything. I have 4x4 post.
Okkay thanks for the info.
I am getting them for meat, also im not picky on color but I dont really like getting a breed that is so dumb it cant even a CX.
I want a normal turkey that was not breed just to eat-n-sleep all day.
OmaBird can you please post pics of your coop.
Mine is not exactly a coop. It is a two story horse and hay barn. I put pipe rails and 6 foot horse fencing around it. Depending on my mood or time of year, I will only free range if it is not breeding season. I don't have losses since I started doing this. My yard is fenced with 6 ft chain link but preditors would get my sitting turkeys.

One note. Make sure you do not have glass windows in your coop. My barn had windows. Note I said HAD. These stupid turkeys will fly right through them. One went through the second story window and lived. I should have killed him.
I think that the breeds that didn't breed are all extinct now.
Well thanks all for the info.
I am going to look at the Bourbens they look like a got turkey.


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