Coop size for 4 chickens? Wood or linoleum on bottom of coop?

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    Mar 8, 2013
    My husband is laying out the size of the coop he is building and I was wondering if the size sound like it's big enough to hold 4 hens. We will be first time chicken owners, so we are learning as much as we can!
    The chicken run itself will be 15 feet by 8 feet and within that run will be the coop which has an interior dimension of 3 1/2 feet by 6 1/2 feet with 55 inches of headroom. The nesting boxes will be a bump out on one side of the coop and are not counted in the above measurements. Does it sound roomy enough?
    We are also planning to elevate the coop 14' off the ground to give the chickens more usable space inside the run. Do chickens tend to go under their coops? Does that sound like enough room for them to get under the coop if they wanted to hang out in that space? I'm also wondering on the pros and cons of a wooden floor inside the coop versus a linoleum floor.
    Thanks in advance for all the advice and information!
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    Welcome aboard Fairsherr new Egg! I have roost in my coup 3 1/2 inches from poop boards. They catch any eggs laid through the night and save the day for me about 24 inches above the next level.


    I have a 4x8 foot print for my coop with 3 levels inside (interior nest boxes) and I keep a dozen hens sometimes 15 with no problems. It is a bit cramped in the winter but they have a large run during the rest of the year.

    Minimum size for 4 standard hens would be 4x4 for the coop and 4x10 for the run. Larger would be even better. What your planning sounds more than adequate. Probably good enough for 8 to 10 standard birds.
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    hi fairsherr, it sounds to me like you have enoug space for coop and run. i haven't had a run that went under the coop, but i've seen quite a few pics of such. 14" off the ground will be enough depending on the breed of chickens you're getting. my black australorp could get under there, but he wouldn't be standing up straight.
    in my opinion, linoleum is the way to go. i use the deep litter method. when it's time for clean-out, i open the clean out door & use a push broom to push the old litter out. it only takes a few minutes. the down side that i find is it is slippery for the birds when they're jumping down from the roost. you have to make sure you have enough litter down to prevent any slipping that could cause injury.
    best of luck!
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    Coop/Run size depend on what kind of bird you are getting (bantams don't require as much space) - but even if you get huge birds, you should be fine with that size area for them. 14' under the coop sounds good too, to keep predators out of the coop and for bird space. My chickens hang out under their coop when there is heavy snow on the ground, since the coop covers that little space. They are divas and won't leave their coop or underneath it until I shovel out more areas for them. It is also good to have that space because in the summer it will provide shade, so even if you live somewhere that doesn't get snow it will still be useful to your chickens. 14' off the ground sounds similar to my coop, and my huge birds have no trouble fitting in that space. Also, linoleum flooring is much easier to clean than wood flooring. That's why we opted for linoleum. Wood may also hold moisture depending on where you live, which isn't good either. You want your coop to be as dry as possible to avoid mold and respiratory illnesses in your chickens. Keep in mind you may want to make the coop/run plans for your chickens bigger than you expect. Most people at least double their flock within the first year because chickens are so much fun to have!
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