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    Hello, I recently bought a coop and #5, one year old hens, my coop is 5' long x 3' deep and 5 ' high, with sort of two floors inside (1.5) and four nest boxes on the top floor. I was thinking to add some guinea or few more hens, but I am concerned about the space. They have a run for now, but as soon as I buy the poultry electric net (lots of predators around here) they'll be able to free range. Anyone as any idea with this size coop how many bird will I be able to have? What About guineas, if I keep 5 hens, how many could I get to be comfortable in there? THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED, I AM A NEWBY. [​IMG]
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    Guineas need a lot of elbow room and roosting space in the coop, the more space the better especially within a mixed flock during the breeding/laying season so you can avoid aggression issues and any stress caused to the chickens.

    4 sq ft of floor space PER Guinea is what's recommended, 2-3 times that in the attached covered run. Guineas will fly out of/over any topless run and especially poultry netting in a heartbeat, but won't necessarily fly back in, especially if they get zapped.

    You might be able to get away with adding just a couple Guinea Hens (no males) and not have any issues, but it's hard to say. Usually the males are the problem causers, and then the rest of the flock joins in...

    There are lots of threads on here about mixed flocks, so it might be a good idea for you to read thru as many of them as you can before you decide what you are going to do.

    Best of luck.
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    Feb 17, 2012
    your coop is at its max for chickens,no room for guienies.they will fight the chickens in that tight of space.
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    First of all.... [​IMG] from San Diego.....

    I think beefmaster is right.... Your coop is fifteen square feet. At four square feet per bird that is enough space for about four birds. With chickens I think they can handle less especially with a run but any more than six and you are asking for trouble.

    Guineas need more room than chickens Roosts that are higher. And extra space to put separate feeders and waterers too. for when the guineas decide that one feeder is theirs. Guineas are much more active than Chickens running laps occasionally and during breeding season the males play chase games that look rowdy.

    Any chance of building a bigger coop? or making a separate one for the guineas?


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