coop small- ladies not so happy.



Mar 16, 2018
I got my coop at TSC and, I have 4 chickens. They are'nt so happy...
They often try to get out so My family and I where planning on building an edition to the coop, because the run is small, and they do not seem too happy.

Any seggestions for designs/ ideas for the project?
They notoriously over rate the Capacity on those. Good on ya for recognizing it and planning to add on.

I'll go look for the thread where people talk about modifications to store bought coops but also check out the coop build articles as there are tons of pictures and ideas there too.
Thank you- I know. They SRYSLY over rate the capasity. The capasity said 8 hens. :hmm :rolleyes:
Im not going to mod my Hen house. they only go in their if its cold, if they want to sleep or lay. but deffs add on to the run. Thx for the advice. :thumbsup :wee
Screenshot 2018-03-18 at 9.55.13 AM.png
there u go. ( not MY chicken coop. got it off the web.

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