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    Sep 29, 2008
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    Hi BYC community. After a hard winter of snowstorms and hungry raccoons, my first flock of 4 chickens has been lost. A major coup from some vicious and cunning raccoons left us with an empty coop. The beasts dug up our chicken wire fence that we had buried about 1 1/2 feet under ground, and went through 2 latches. But I still have hope of raising some backyard chickens. I need to do some major fortification on my coop design though and that's where you all come in:::

    If anyone has any extra supplies that they would be willing to donate and might be useful in the re-build, please let me know. This could be chicken wire, wood, old window frames.... anything really. I invested so much on the last coop, and although I can re-use some of the supplies, a lot of them aren't ideal materials for a coop. I'll come and pick up anything you have! (I'm in Portland, OR)

    Thanks so much... I hope I can make this work and have a safe place for my new flock..


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    We ended up running out chicken wire UNDER the coop, so that it's almost like a completely caged in thing.
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    Dec 18, 2008

    After a racoon experience, I have done three things.

    No more chicken wire. Anywhere.

    Put concrete pavers on groung, coop on top of them (one coop)

    put roll of rubber matting (you can buy it at coastal- it is lighter weight than the horse stall matts) on the ground and built VERY HEAVY coop on top of it. (other coop)

    *Some of the paver and some of the matt extends out past the coop wall so there are no gaps.

    curious though, what latches did the'coons go through?- I want to make sure I am not using the same ones!

    Good luck, fellow portander= remember to go to the rebuilding center for good deals on coop supplies!

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