Coop Tour Featuring my 5 Peafowl and 6 Chickens.


5 Years
Jul 23, 2017
Canterbury, Connecticut
Here's my current set up (the full video tour is linked through my facebook below). I plan on making the runs much bigger once I can get my hands on more kennel panels. They eventually will also all be wrapped in 1/4 inch hardware cloth to really step up the predator proofing. One run is half wrapped right now. The barn is 10 x 12 with two 6 x 7 foot stalls and a 3 foot hallway. The left run is 10 x 11 and the right run is 10 x 10.
In the left pen is:
  • 2 Pehens:
    • Mayonnaisa "May" (yes like the condiment but with a "ah" sound at the end. My husband named her and Doug ha ha)
    • Emerald who is about 16- 18 years old and has gone through "henopause" so she is growing male plumage
  • 1 Peacock
    • White Wing Doug "Doug"
  • 2 mixed breed bantam chickens:
    • Talon the rooster
    • Kitty the hen
In the Right Pen is:
  • 1 Peahen:
    • Jade
  • 1 Peacock:
    • Atlas
  • 4 mixed breed bantam chickens:
    • Mello the rooster
    • Quail, Tikka, & Marsala the hens

The Coop (Don't mind the mess out in the front. The white coop was given to me and is a fixer upper, that's my next project):


Pile of chickens enjoying the sun:
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