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May 30, 2011
Ok, I'm new at this and had my coop with Reds and Arauconas ( all very young hens ) and one Araucona rooster ( also very young!) Cuckoo Maran chicks were getting big enough to join the coop, so I put them out. The older hens are totally shunning them and won't let them eat or drink!! I've set out another feeder and waterer. The rooster is just hanging with his original girls and doesn't bat an eye at the new chicks. While they are not being beaten up, I am really concerned about them being part of the flock. Will they eventually be accepted or am I in trouble here???? Coop is very large and they have a nice large 'play yard'..........HELP!!!!!
I personally haven't experience this myself but from reading a lot on BYC a common "remedy" you could try is to section off a portion of your coop just for the younger ones so everyone gets to see each other everyday and slowly get used to each other. This way, you won't have to worry about the munchkins getting enough food and water. Let us know how things turn out!!!
from Ohio. So glad you joined. As long as the little ones are able to eat and drink an no bloodshed is going on, I wouldn't worry. They will come around when everyone gets the same size. Just keep a good watch.
I have nothing to add other than
from Eastern Kentucky!

It is AWESOME that we have so many knowledgeable people on here willing to answer fast and with great advice!!!
I have 3 older hens, and 3 younger hens. When the little ones were big enough, I let them free range together, although the little ones did get chased once in a while. As the little ones got bigger, and closer to the same size, I took the leap and stuck them in the big girl coop one night. One out of the three adapted well, the other two needed a little bit more time. So I gave it another month of free ranging together, but separate quarters at night, then I tried it again, and Voila! It worked!

Now they are all together, and nobody is getting picked on, but I can definitely tell what the pecking order is. It takes some time, some finesse, but it will work out sooner or later.

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