Coop window - Will raccoons break glass?


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May 28, 2013
My Coop
My Coop
I will have a stationary window (that doesn't open) in my coop. Would a raccoon ever think to break the glass?
I have been assuming no - but I hear stories about raccoons being very intelligent and it created a picture in my mind of raccoons throwing rocks... or carrying concealed glass cutters

Seriously, is glass an issue with any predators?
Hahaha sorry, but coons with glass cutters!! Made me chuckle.

I haven't read anything about a predator going thru a glass window......but, a bear might.
If you made the windows from singe pane 1/16" glass (used in picture frames etc) then I would replace it with thicker glass. If it is a real window intended for a house, you should have no issue. When in doubt, attach hardware wire to provide additional security to the window. I have 2 windows and 1 sceen door on my coop all covered with hardware wire, and it will keep a coon out no problem. Last summer I had to replace two screens on my house when a bear leaned up against the window to get the bird feeder hanging from the eave. He shredded the screens, and left muddy paw prints on the windows. I often wonder how easily a bear could get into my house, let alone the chicken coop!
Black bears and brown bears (Griz bears) kill about the same number of humans every year in the USA. The brown bear attacks usually happen when a griz and a human surprise each other on the trail. The black bear attacks however seem more like feeding behavior and more often than Walt Disney wishes to admit they involve a black bear breaking and entering a human dwelling (or tent) to get a warm meal.

Yes I suppose that a coon could break out a window but you would have to really rear back and hurl that coon hard to break a window out with him.

In my book there has yet to be a coon born that thinks, and I will continue to believe that until I see my first coon armed with a hammer for breaking glass.

However if you ever get a pet raccoon and go off and leave him in your home for a week end, when you return you will swear to the insurance adjuster that the coon was armed with a Homelite chain saw. They can be evil destructive pests just because they can.
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I would cover the window with hardware clothe just to be safe. Raccoons are SMART, they are also STRONG. They've had no problem moving cinder blocks around my run, ripping thru chicken wire and busting out of my have-a-heart trap. I have no doubt they could break a window. Consider that they break into huge numbers of homes each year to scavenge and nest. Better safe than sorry...
Thanks everyone, for your input!

Yes I suppose that a coon could break out a window but you would have to really rear back and hurl that coon hard to break a window out with him.

Love it!
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