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    May 19, 2011
    Just relocated my chicks outside in their coop and run. Each night they go to roost huddled up the corner of the run. For the last three nights I have put them inside the coop and they used their roosting poles. How long will it take them to learn to go inside to roost? When locked up for the night do they need access to water and food? Thanks.
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    How old are they? Just continue to show them their home every evening and they will get the hang of it in a matter of a couple of days or a week or two. About the food and water, personally I've never ever ever seen a chicken eat or drink at night unless it didnt have access to water or food during the day. So I would not worry about it, unless you have to let them out in the morning to drink and eat, then I would, so they can have water and food available as soon as they want it when they wake up.

    I cut a little hole in the back of my ladies coop so when they wake up they can get out when they want to, but if you have predator problems and have to have them locked up then yes, put food and water in there! [​IMG]
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    Riverman gave you some good advice!

    The food and water may be part of the problem. If it is possible, try putting the food (water, too, if you can manage) into the coop where they roost. This may help them spend more time in the coop, and realize that it's "home".

    I know some people will put a light on in their coop so that when it's dark, the chickens gravitate towards the light into the coop. This gets them used to going inside at night.

    If you actually shut them inside the coop at night, there's another tactic you can try. If my chickens are being particularly stubborn about going to bed, I'll throw some cracked corn into their coop. When they're all inside, I shut them in. The "bed time treats" really helped.

    Good luck with your chicks! [​IMG]

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