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May 24, 2012
I just got my coop and my chicks this last march. It already (the coop) seems like it is getting small for them since they are growing. any ideas on how to expand the coop without costing alot? I got the coop from a feed store. I let the girls out to free range for awhile during the day. They just seemed crowded in the roost and nesting box area. It is supposed to hold up to four chickens and that is what I have.
I think that the folks who sell ready made coops are optimistic about the number they hold. Four adult chickens need at least 16 square feet to not be on top of each other.

Our brooder/pen is about 7 square feet and our six 8 week old chicks are already very crowded. Alas, we are having so much rain that progress on the coop, which has 30 sq feet of floor space, has come to a halt. They do have a 4x6 run so they can spend warmer days outside.

I have seen a pre made 4x6 coop that was sawed in half and extended two feet making it 4x8. This was the only way to do it because it was built using glue and fasteners so couldn't be disassembled. They used wood of the same dimensions as the original coop.
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