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    May 1, 2010
    Our climate is too cold for the pop door to be opened for at least six months a year. Currently, I'm without chickens, but it is chick season and the question arises whether or not to buy some six or seven chicks and begin again. The indoor dimensions of the coop are 7' x 9' and yes there is ventilation, light, heat, roosts, nest boxes, windows. QUESTION: does anyone have experience with having their birds cooped up for a long period of time? What happens about pecking (hens only planned)?? A head of cabbage or flock block helps a bit, but I really want to hear about experiences of others whose hens are confined for months on end. Thank you.
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    Mar 15, 2010
    On the MN prairie.
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    In the section, Where are you, where am I, look for the thread from Alaska, there is a lot of good information, not to mention they are on the same cold boat you are. Hope it helps. Michele
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    Not really, but I have kept my chickens in the coop for about a day at the most and trust me they will tear it up. Only if they are big chickens. chicks should be fine, but let them out every once in a while.
  5. im in AK, that link, ya not too helpful when its -50 out, we have our chickens cooped up cause they refuse to walk on snow [​IMG]. we only have 3 hens (all very nice, dont even know who the lead hen is!) and they are fine, we try and let them go on snow but they just hop right back in the coop. Just watch and make sure that they arent getting to stressed, if they are cover your run and scoop out the snow, unless THEY like snow.

    hope this helps, sorry if i worded it weird, im like that LOL
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    Circle, Alaska
    I am up the hwy from Fairbanks. I've got 10 hens and 1 roo. They have all been cooped up since the cold hit. They have all been just fine. I have an insulated coop with only two light bulbs for light and heat. I open up their pop door as soon as it is -10 or warmer just to give them the option to poke their heads outside and stretch their legs a little. I covered their run with clear plastic and threw hay down on the ground inside the run so their feet don't get too cold. I've just now noticed a few feathers missing on some of my hens backs so I think they are just now getting a little cabin fever. My birds are Jersey Giants and Chanteclers and all are pretty docile and handled the confinement real well.
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    I would assume that your -10 is like our 35* days in the lower states huh. My girls were out all winter, unless it was windy or snowing. Snow on the ground never stopped them from going out, even when it was in the teens they didn't seem to be bothered. I would love to visit Alaska, just not in the winter. Lol
  8. but AK is only fun in the winter!!! LOL

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