Copper Black Marans Eggs, $5 each Norco, CA

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Riverside/Norco, CA
    My Copper Blacks are still laying right along, usually four or five eggs a day. You can combine with other varieties I have, EE's, Mille Fleur project cochin eggs, etc... I have a short waiting list until early this week, but after that it is wide open. I would like to get the freshest eggs sent to the person ready for them for best hatch rates. Cool packs available $2 each if you like. These are feather legged birds, good personalities, excellent broodies if you let them, and their eggs stay pretty dark throughout the laying cycle, best of any I have seen. They have been laying all year and the pic below is of last week's eggs. Yours should look the same. I have been getting back excellent reports on hatch rates from buyers, even through the hottest summer heat waves. Ratio is one roo to eight hens.

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