Corid/amprolium question.


11 Years
May 20, 2008
In another thread I confirmed that we have cocci. I need some advice on my setup.

We have a large coop. 24 adult chickens, one chickville with 23 4week old chicks, one brooder with 10 3-week old chicks. So far only the 4week chicks are affected. They are caged off in a corner in a chickville setting but are not allowed with the general population yet. However, we do walk in and out of there and then in the general area.

First question: Do I only treat the chicks? If so, how long before the antibiotics are out of their system?

Second question: Do I have to treat all of the other chickens? My people buy eggs from us because I don't use antibiotics. Isn't there any other way I can treat them besides antibiotics?
If just the 4 week olds are affected, just treat them. Coccidiosis is not contagious, it just means that they have an overpopulation of the Coccidia protozoa. The adult chickens are pretty much immune to this, unless their immune systems are weakened. The Coccidia is spread through the stools of the infected chicks, so as long as the 3 week olds are not sharing the same housing, they should be okay.

You don't need to treat with antibiotics. Corid and Sulmet both work, but Sulmet is harder on their systems. Corid is just amprolium, the stuff found in medicated chick feed. Neither of these are antibiotics.

Hope this helps
.Amprolium isn't an Antibiotic it's a Thyamin blocker. It prevents the Coccidia from absorbing Thyamin & they die.
Coccidiosis is a disease that affects growing birds. In my experience I have never known adult birds to be affected. I assume a "chickville" involves chicks which have come out of the brooder & are on the floor. That's when Cocci strikes. Those chicks of course need to be treated. Your younger chicks will need to be treated once they are placed on the floor. If they are in a wire floored brooder they should be fine for now.
Here's what works for me: when I take chicks out of the brooder & put them on the floor I wait 2 days & then treat them with 1/2 strength Amprolium for a week. That allows them to develop an immunity while the Amprolium keeps the Coccidia under control

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