Corn and wheat flour for chickens and ducks?

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    My husband found a good deal on corn and wheat flour and wants to feed it to our birds. Primarily our non-laying ducks. He bought a small sample bag to try and they seem to like the cornmeal although at first they were confused by it. We haven't tried the wheat flour yet. Our birds free-range on 8 acres (we rotate them). We feed them once a day in the morning and it's very costly so we are trying to find another way to give them grains for the niacin they need. We both feel they get most of what they need free-ranging and pasture-grazing (we also have ponds). All of it is human grade food consumption.

    My concern is I don't want to give them anything that will make them sick. Anyone know about this? My husband would like to buy it and then mix it with other grains or poultry feed. Again, this is to supplement their diet. Not be the main source of their diet.

    Thank you!
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    I would think wheat flour would be too powdery for them to eat easily. (Based on the way they leave the powdery remains of their feed at the bottom of the feeder rather than snort it up). Perhaps you could use it to make mashes for them that they could eat more easily?

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