Corn: Feed versus Treat?

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    I'm still chicky sitting my neighbors flock. They recently informed me, they meant to say they'd be gone seven weeks, not five like they said at the start. [​IMG] Good thing I like these girls or I'd be eating chicken for dinner.

    Anyway, they didn't leave enough feed and since they ran out I figured I'd get them something better than the whatever it was they had. Never send a surfer dude on a farmer's errand. I sent my husband to get the feed. He in turn, asked his buddy to pick it up on his way over here, who, graciously did; however, he brought cracked corn.

    The neighbors hens are all laying. I was under the impression, a laying hen needs more variety than straight corn. I'm not overly worried at this point, as I feed them plenty from the garden: peas, lettuce, kale, greens, strawberries (they love strawberries!) and whatever else I can come up with. I'm sure they're not going to get clogged arteries and diabetes over night if I give them just straight corn, but since the neighbors are going to be gone long enough to have to buy at least one, may be two more bags of feed, what does one feed laying hens?

    Advice appreciated!

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    Your feed store should have Layer pellets or layer crumble, normally it has around 16% protein and lots of calcium for the hen's egg shells.

    Cracked corn is not really nutritious and should be a treat only.
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    X2 [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yep. And boy oh boy, do your neighbors owe you!

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