Corn Snakes For Sale!


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Atlanta, GA
We decided months ago to sell all of our corn snakes and focus on breeding livestock. One well-known fellow breeder had agreed to buy all ours as a lot. Turns out, he can no longer purchase them. So we are left with several that need new homes FAST! Winter is baring down quickly and we won't be able to ship these guys/gals out much longer. If you are interested, please contact us sooner rather than later.

All are "BEST OFFER" and trades will be considered.

Here's a quick list:
2010 F Golddust het Diffused, Motley
2010 F Hypo poss. het Lavender, Anery , Stripe
2011 M Dilute Anery Motley het Stripe
2012 F Honey Motley
2012 M Lava Diffused het Anery (Ice)

We have a few that may be coming to us from an outstanding breeding loan that are the result of a Hypo het Sunkissed, Ultra X Hypo het Sunkissed, Ultra. VERY RARE, possibly never seen before morphs!

Photos of most can be seen here:

As I mentioned before, we can definitely ship (FedEx Certified) or meet you at the Dixie Reptile Show in Birmingham, AL.

Email or PM for more details.
(We will not knowingly sell any corn snakes to places where they are illegal)

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