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Alex Henry

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Sep 5, 2011
I have 5 hens, 3 Barmveldas, 1 legbar and a black silkie. They make alot of noise in the morning lately and I think it might be to them not laying properly and regularly any ideas? Also they are 6 months old now and been on layers pellets and a mix of corn in the afternoons and now only want corn. It costs the same price, would it be bad to just feed them corn. They are all laying, at some point.
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Love My Chickens
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Jul 28, 2009
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They love corn, but corn has very low protein - and protein is what's needed to form feathers and to make eggs. Get rid of the corn - max one handful scattered about a day as a "treat." This will force them to eat the formulated feed, that has the proper nutrients they need.
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Jun 21, 2007
Corn is also very fattening, and will give them problems when laying. Fat chickens do not lay well.


Cosmopolis Chick

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Aug 24, 2010
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Just like your children you give them what they need - not what they beg for.

I know it's hard when they love the scratch so-o-o much but I remember back when my kids were small taking them to the supermarket could be an ordeal if I wasn't firm right at the start. If kids went shopping alone I think they'd fill the cart with Yahoo, Frosted Flakes, Potato chips, and canned chicken noodle soup.

Our parents and grandparents got by with feeding only scratch because they likely let their chickens run and they ate lots of bugs (protein), and weeds (minerals and roughage), and bits of gravel (grit). The smaller and less rich an area they have access to the more we have to provide supplements to their diet. I have found that I HAVE TO provide calcium (eggs shells/oyster shell) or my hens lay weaker and weaker shells until they just break when I pick them up. Before I realized the situation and did provide the calcium I imagine their bodies did draw some calcium from their bones - not a good thing and doubtful to correct even once their diet is improved. My hens have free run of a small field but apparently my soil (riverbottom) does not have the calcium necessary and I don't know that many soils would.

And, about the noise, chickens do make a lot of noise. They are probably happy to see you or if you're not up yet they are yelling "get up! feed us!".

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