Cornish and Serama Adventures

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    Back in April I purchased some Cornish Cross chicks from my local Tractor Supply, before anyone asks I'm fully aware of the seemingly absurd hate that most people seem to have for this breed.

    Long story short I actually owned a Cornish Cross hen from a meat truck prior to getting these chicks, in fact my love of this breed stemmed from this strange 20 LBS hen that I found on the side of the road. Well; I've had this hen for over a year now and I can't say she's given me a single reason to complain about the breed. But I don't want to bore people so if anybody wants to know how I raise my Cornish Rocks or read a long post about common misconceptions on the breed then... just ask? I'm really holding back from rambling on about them honestly! There's so much I want to tell people about them.

    But anyways a while back my sisters hen laid a clutch of eggs and shortly after died due to being attacked. We actually had to put her down after a week of hoping that her leg would recover. Nonetheless the bloodline of this particular chicken has actually been with our family for nearly 7 years. We've allowed them to free roam and do as they wish so we've seen many chickens come and go.

    There's one horrendous thing about this bloodline though; the amount of roosters these hens produced. Now the bloodline has died off steadily over the years and now? I'm stuck with not 1, not 2, but nearly seven roosters total on property that nobody wants to handle. I have three hens not counting my sisters 2 Seramas. So I need to re-home at least 3 of them.

    My Cornish Rock Rooster Roger is a good rooster that's content to play as a hen, my Leghorn Arthur really doesn't challenge anybody and I want him for breeding, my sisters rooster Turkey has a bad leg, and my sister wants to keep the black and white rooster that came out of our original chickens lineage.So there's 3 roosters that have to go. I was going to post them on here but I came into an issue; I haven't posted enough. So I've set out to find things to post about concerning my chickens.

    I had nothing.

    You see while I love Cornish Rocks... They don't do much other then follow people around, injure exposed toes, kill mice, and intimidate people with deep bawks...

    So I decided that I'd clean up my chicken pen and start asking for new coop ideas, I really want to raise chickens next year to sell and trade since I'm oddly good at raising chickens that love to jump into peoples laps... so I need to get a new coop. I went about getting my coop cleaned out, I still need to drag the dirt (The Cornish Rocks will have a ball foraging today!), but I got everything in place.

    Now my Oldest hen Brittany is about 1 and a half to 2 years old. She's always been my main laying hen and nearly gives me an egg a day when weather is fair... However after my mom's goat died along with the other hens Brittany had stopped getting into the coop to lay her eggs and if she laid an egg she'd eat it. The behaviour was very confusing tome since Brittany had NEVER eaten or pecked at an egg. Eventually she stopped laying altogether, I didn't quite understand what went wrong, Brittany didn't even like other chickens all that much. Recently however I moved in my younger Cornish Rocks after a sickness transmitted by rats (I assume the same sickness that killed my mothers goat) resulted in almost all of my Cornish Rocks dying. I had two hens and a rooster and a leghorn rooster left.

    To be quite honest? I'd given up. My flock was basically demolished after a ton of hard work that goes into monitoring Cornish Rocks growth and my favourite hen was completely depressed.

    After I moved the remaining chickens in together I noticed a change, Brittany was actually rather accepting of them and began teach them how to scale the structures in the pen to roost, where to forage, and kept them safely bundled together when winter began. When I cleaned out the pen I decided to just go ahead and reset-up Brittany's old ground nesting box.

    I found an egg the next day (two days ago actually!) and another this morning... So I decided that I'm going to try something that I wanted to do for a long time.

    Now Cornish rocks suck at brooding, they don't like doing it, so I'm going to attempt to have my sisters seramas incubate a Cornish egg... Now this process is actually very funny given the size of a Cornish Rocks egg.

    In order you can see : Cornish Rock Egg, Marans Egg, Serama Egg.


    So while my sisters lovely hens have taken their new duty very seriously they look adorable trying to fluff up the bedding to make sure the egg is safe and sound along side their tiny non-fertile eggs.

    So if all goes well expect pictures and updates on the Serama foster mom!
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    I agree! Cornish Rock's are super sweet. I have one left out of the 6 hubby bought this past April and she's still chugging along. I named her Stella.

    Good luck and looking forward to see the pics.

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