Cornish Chicks Dead - Meyer Made it right

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    I got 75 Cornish chicks from Meyer last Wednesday. I put them in a 250 gallon water tank in my basement (I know, no meaties in the house) with 2 waterers and a large feeder. Thursday after work I checked them, 5 dead. No big deal, usually if any die, it's in the first day or so, but I usually never have more than one or two die. Friday after work, 5 more dead. Now I'm starting to get a bit concerned. Saturday morning, 1 more dead and another one not looking too good. They all seemed very week (the ones dieing), crouched down on their knocks. Even when I picked them up, they stay crouched down. At this point, I'm trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I've never lost more than 1 or 2 of any type chicks I've ever bought or hatched. I had plenty of fresh water w/ electolytes and vitamans and the feeder full. The chicks were never at any time overcrowding either the waterer or feeder, so I am pretty sure they were all able to access both. Heat lamp was at one end, so they were able to move out from underneath if they were too hot. They weren't concentrated under the lamp or crowded together, so I know they weren't cold. It is a mystery.

    After taking the 12th dead one out, I decided to call Meyer. I told them the situation, what I was doing, and stated I've order several times from them without incident. The CS lady was very nice. She said it sounds like I was doing everything right, and couldn't explain what was happening. She then offered to ship 12 replacement chicks Monday, refund my money for lost chicks, or give me store credit for the 12 lost chicks. I chose store credit, as I will be buying some processing equipment from them soon, and I didn't feel as if it was Meyer's fault for the dieing chicks. I figured it was the fairest solution to both of us.

    I am very please with Meyer's resolution to this situation. They at no time faulted me. I will shop with them again due to the action they took.

    Yesterday I moved the chicks out to the tractor. I have two heat lamps, two waterers, and two feeder in with them. As of early this morning, they all seemed okay. I'm still wondering why so many died. Like I said before, I have never expirienced this scenario. Luckily, at this point, I'm not out anything due to Meyer's taking responsibility for the losses.

    The only thing I can think of that may have caused this is the ones that died weren't making the effort to get to the feed and/or water. The tractor is much larger, so if that was the problem, it should be resolved.

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    I have been very pleased with Meyers also. Everyone is very nice and help full. I wish they sold freedom rangers. As I will have to go else where to buy.
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    If you've raised them before without incident, I'd suggest it WAS Meyer's fault- well, at least not YOUR fault. Despite their reputation for health problems, it's definitely not normal to lose that many. And, I've had good luck with hatcheries replacing birds in cases like that. People assume they won't and don't call.
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    Since moving them to the tractor, I haven't lost anymore. They all seem very happy. They have been roaming around the tractor. They don't seem to need the heat lamp too much, even at just over a week old, and it's not really that warm here. I've have been unplugging it during the day, then turning it on in the evening when I see them start to huddle together.

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    Did we forget about the USPS variable?!
    My first order from Meyer's was a disaster...but NOT THEIR FAULT!
    Most chicks arrived dead, chilled by the local PO.
    My local Post office admitted to allowing them to sit outside overnight, nearly freezing weather, on the loading dock!
    They said they did not "see them", though, they had noted that it was unusual "that they were not chirping...".
    (Funny that they had not seen them, but that they HAD noticed they were not chirping, think?)
    I let The Post Office know of my disatisfaction, and that a replacement order would be ordered that they should take better care of...
    As mentioned in an earlier post, I called Meyer's, and they made it good, even though not their fault. No questions asked, and they even were as remorseful as I was at the situation!
    Did not even charge me for shipping, even though I offered to pay for the new order!
    They shipped almost an entire new order, no cost to ME, this time the Post Office was watching for them more carefully, ALL survived/thrived.
    Other orders since then: NO LOSSES in transit, only one died after a few days, but is was one of several extras.

    You get great service and a great value for the money with Meyers.
    I may never order from anywhere else again.

    Roy Barger

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    Dec 16, 2008
    I just shipped out chicks, live chicks was written in big colorful letters all over the box. By the PO's own admission the chicks were on the bottom of a huge pile of boxes, had it not been for the po expecting them and hearing chirping they would have remained that way all night until they opened the next morning for pick up.

    How they were treated the whole journey is a mystery but juging from the lack of care from the last person handling them I would say its a miricle that only one is showing signs of distress.

    I would consider their trip a huge factor. There is now way the po should have treated my chicks this way and they said so them selves.
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