cornish cockerel question


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Apr 18, 2010
so my town only allows me to have six birds if i have a permit. i never got the permit but followed all the rest of the rules they had.... til now. i'm going to pick up some meat chickens from tsc this sunday and was wondering if the males will start to be noisy before they go to freezer camp? since i'm now going to be illegal i don't want to be very noisy if i can help it, although the one nieghbor that had voiced concern about me getting a rooster has no problem letting her hound howl at all hours of the night so it might be a bit of sweet vengence ha ha. just trying to avoid any trouble by getting a rooster unless they don't crow till after 7-8 weeks thanks for any insight


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Jun 18, 2010
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They're not the most active of birds anyway, and seem slow-maturing. They're usually gone long before they have any "mature" thoughts.

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