Cornish Cross and cold weather

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    Feb 9, 2014
    Hello BYC, this is our first ever posting. After reading countless threads on the site and learning so much, we figured it was time to join in. Right now we are raising our first ever group of Cornish Cross, and we are at the one week mark. We live in Tennessee, and the winter is unusually cold for this time of year, with highs in the upper 40's and lows in the low 30's. Knowing they are much healthier when they are able to forage and free range, we have built a movable A-frame coop with a little shelter on one end for them to sleep and huddle in. With the temps being below normal, and with the fear of them piling up and maybe suffocating each other, we are looking for any and all suggestions on how to help them enjoy their short time with us. Would they be ok during the days, with a heat lamp in the shelter for the nights? Or do we let them forage during the days and bring them inside at night? We are hoping someone out there has experience with these birds and how to take care of them in colder weather. Though the temps are below normal for this time of year, we are still hopeful we can produce a group of healthy happy CXs!
    Thank you BYC!
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    Aug 4, 2013
    I put the heat lamp in the shelter until they no longer need it. When they are cold they can go under the heat and when warmed up they go outside on their own. I also cover the run (open all day so they can go out and range) for the ones that don't need the warmth but want to get out of the weather.

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