Cornish Cross vs. Freedom Rangers

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    We're looking into getting some meat chickens and I'd kind of like to get both Cornish Crosses AND Freedom Rangers just to see the differences. This is our first experience with meat chickens, so I don't really know what to expect. I've read a lot of stuff online about how people are kinda creeped out by the fact that Cornish Crosses grow so fast and appear so "unhealthy". Obviously I want my chickens to have a nice life while they're alive, but let's face it, these birds are for the sole purpose of being EATEN. They're not my friends or pets, they're my dinner. That said, I also want to have a positive meat bird raising experience. Soooo, what do you have to say about your experiences between the two breeds? I'm not as much concerned about tenderness and taste and all that good stuff, more about the actual birds and their health and the raising experience.

    Thanks so much in advance! [​IMG]
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    Cornish cross taste and grow better in my opinion, but they spend most of their lives on their butts, not walking around very much. Sometimes the lay in their feces, and get covered in it. Freedom rangers are more active, but they have less meat and flavor. So if you want to say "This chicken has lived a healthy, active life" you would go with the Freedom Rangers, but if you want to say "This chicken has a wonderful taste to it, and has plenty of meat on it," then go with the CC. I hope I helped!
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    That is the exact opposite of my opinion at least concerning taste. A cx is going to taste the same as a grocery store chicken if kept for 8 weeks on commercial feeds, some would say that is rather bland but it is what most of the American population has become accustomed to over the years. The rangers are butchered later, they have a more coarse texture in the legs especially and the dark meat will be a little darker than what the cx will have. The increased age will add flavor and texture to the meat.

    CX can be raised longer and encouraged to range more too if you raise them that way, you have to feed them less it will slow their growth and they may or may not start ranging like normal chickens, it should also eliminate mortality issues. I raised rangers and rainbows last year it's been awhile since I did cx but I think I'll do some this year again
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    Un-healthy is an understatement. I've never messed with the cornish x but I've seen all I want to ever see during a visit to those bird houses in Pendleton County. I felt like running a hose from my truck exhaust into ...the office where the owners loafed.
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    Thank y'all! my mom is picking up our chicks right now... we are getting a mixture of them both :)

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