Cornish Cross


11 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Dayton Indiana
Boy howdy will I never again buy dual purpose birds to use for meat. After processing 3 rounds of them and now seeing what I get with less money and time with the crosses, I'll never go back. Just got the Cornish crosses on Friday and they are enormous! And on a side note, decided to try a rhode island red for layers this time.........are they good layers as compared with wyandottes and/or easter eggers (what I've got now)?
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I cannot compare the RIR to the others as I do not have them but I do have 3 RIR girls that once they began laying they are never fail. Out of the 3 I miss maybe one egg a week. They are consistent. My farm matriach is Lucy, a RIR. She runs the place. Great personality, a little bossy.

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