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    Quote:Man I would have loved getting ahold of something like your birds ! Will you be simply selecting for longer legs in their offspring or adding outside blood ?
    My opinion often angers many people , but it seems to me that breeding for showing at conformation is nearly always detrimental to the breed involved .

    I am keeping some trio's of pure standard whites and then using some others I have to do some out crossing. I am not doing it to change the Cornish breed in any way from the standard, but to come up with a pure white Mostly Cornish Breeder to then out cross with some fast growing white rocks and I have. My goal is I am playing with trying to establish a breed that will closely resemble the best features we like in a meat bird with none of the down sides, The main goal is make the breed self sustainble and breed true future generations on their own. It is a lofty goal indeed but I have plenty of time LOL. I am also working on doing some crazy experiments with breeding some Cornish X meat birds and I have several chicks on the ground from them and more in the incubator, I raised them to a special regimine so they would get to laying and breeding age without keeling over from their common phsyical problems. So Steve yes I have several breeding projects going on but all are to develop this new breed and create a true sustainable meat bird that will lay and be processed in a reasonable amount of time and that the bird be an active normal bird that can forage and run flocks, but just still be a big huge bruiser LOL.


    Rather than hijack the WLRC thread , I'll continue here . Al , I think your project is admirable and quite doable . Its a shame [ in my opinion ] that a great meat bird like the Indian Game aka Cornish became a cartoon-like version of itself for the sole purpose of eye candy or winning shows .
    I don't have the same goal in mind as you . I was going to , and probably still will , raise some pure Ameraucanas . Then I read the standard and wondered why in the world they set the SOP weights so low for what I thought was to be a dual purpose breed that layed blue eggs ; and then focused their breeding efforts on things like leg color , eye color , shade of blue in the eggs , feather color , etc. . Of course a bird that takes Best of Show at a large APA sanctioned event is worth far more money to most ; whether or not its good for table fare or egg production is secondary to most .
    I decided to breed a flock of blue egg layers that are winter hardy , good layers , large and meaty , early maturers , etc. , etc. . If I can stay at it long enough , I want them all homozygous for the blue egg gene ; something no Ameraucana breeder I've contacted was willing to say their flock was . I'm aiming for a small flock of dominate white , and another of just the best performing birds regardless of color . Egg color that runs towards blue/green will not matter to me either , as long as they all lay a shade of blue . Since I like yellow skinned meat birds , the green shanks are fine by me also .
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