Cornish over BR similar to Cornish X?


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I was thinking earlier about expanding my flock. My mom has mentioned (perhaps not seriously) that it would be nice to have our own meat bird flock. So... I was thinking of getting a Cornish rooster and crossing him over Barred Rock hens. I know the offspring would be sexlinks, but what I'm really wondering is if they would be similar to Cornish X, since a Cornish X is a Cornish over a White Rock? I know they wouldn't be the exact same thing, but would they have a decent weight?


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I know the name would have you think that but Cornish X are definitly NOT a cross of a Cornish over White Rocks, I don't even know why they are even still called Cornish X, they don't look anything like Cornish. They are highly developed hybrids resulting from a 4 way cross of selectively bred strains. Strain A and Strain B are bred together to produce a large meaty male line, and Strain C and D are crossed to produced a female line carrying recessive dwarfism ( so they are smaller and don't cost as much to feed) and with more emphasis on production and feed efficiency than the male line, and the the resulting birds are the "Cornish Cross" that are produced for meat.

A simple cross of a dark cornish roo on barred rocks, may will result in a bigger breasted bird if you use a good quality cornish roo, but other than that, they will be about the weight of a typical cornish or barred rock and will be about the same as far as grow rate, they aren't going to be near as big or grow near as fast as commercial CX.
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