Cornish Rocks Dying Off


7 Years
May 21, 2012
First year for meat birds, started with 20 and I am now down to 11. They are around 5 lbs, around 7 to 8 weeks. The past week I have been losing one about every other day. I have them in an outdoor pen about 5' by 20' in northern Michigan with a shelter they can go under to get out of the rain, however all of them don't. Well shaded area. I always find the dead ones in the open. Today I found one that seemed alert but just couldn't really move anything other that its head and neck, plus 2 dead. Yesterday they all seemed fine but we had a heavy thunderstorm last night with a cold front but I'm sure it didn't get under the 40's. There has been no weather issues with the previous ones that died. Feeding them grower/finisher food 20%.
That's too bad. I don't know why they're dying on you like that. Are you feeding them twelve hours on, twelve off? I did that last year and only lost one to flip (heart attack). It sounds like they're going down on bad legs which is common in the CX, especially when they're free fed. It might be time to slaughter early and cut your losses though!
They are 5 pounds at 8 weeks? My guess is that you are starving them to death. They should be 9-10 pounds right now and dress out at 5 pounds, minus all the innards and neck.

Moving head and not body sounds like it might be a broken neck.
I have been keeping food available full time. All they do is eat. They always have water also. I don't think they are starving, and they sure don't look it. My thought was more like they were eating themselves to death.

Not sure how it would break it's neck but I suppose it's possible.

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