cornish rocks?


10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
I bought three but i dont know any thing a bout them! Any info on them would hep
all 3 turned out to be pullets! (so did my other 23 chicks
i was hoping for at least one more roo!)

Are they good egg layers?
MEat birds?
how long do they live compared to other chickens?
They're primary purpose are meat birds, these are the birds that are in the grocery stores. They are usually fed high protein feed and are able to be butchered in a few weeks. However if you do not want to eat them, you can raise them on a limited feed regiment or really just like you would any regular hens, and they will do fine and grow up to look like oversized White Rocks and will be decent layers, I have done this before but not kept them more than a year or two so I cant say how long they can live and stay fit becuase this strain really is born to die, they arent designed to have a long life. The ones that are kept for breeders in the commercial houses are only kept for one laying season then they are butchered as well. But while they are laying and productive, they are great for crossing with other breeds to hatch more meat birds out of them that are even more fit for farm life.

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