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    Ok so I just ordered four Cornish rocks from ideal (my mom was determined to eat my buff Orpington). I have a few questions.

    Does any one have any experience with ideals Cornish rocks?

    Can I give these guys regular chick start just like my other chickens?

    Also if I free range and do the 12 hour feeding, when will they be ready to process?

    I would love to avoid heart attacks and legs problems how do I do this?

    Also I once read on here about yellow fluid in the body cavity at the time of process, was this due to over feeding or something normal. Sorry this will be first time processing an animal, I'm not as worry about the processing as I am about any disease that could be present.

    I know that was a lot but I'm trying to get everything covered. Thanks.

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    Aoxa has some good insight into free ranging cornish is one post...

    Take a look and maybe that will help answer some of your questions. It seems that letting them free range (with supplemental feed at your scheduling) will prevent the majority of the problems associated with broilers.

    I processed some red broilers at 12 weeks and they were just under 3 pounds after skinning/processing (no skin, feet, wing tips or innards, and with the backs removed). Dressed weight would have easily been 3 pounds or better. I have 2 at 14 weeks that we are holding onto for a while and they are about 6 pounds right now (live weight). Your cornish should be expected to grow slightly faster, so processing at 12-14 weeks should yeild a desirable carcass weight.
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    We start ours on regular chick starter. We follow the Welp hatchery guidelines and it has worked great. I have never lost a Cornish Rock to flip. I believe we've done 5 batches. I've never used Ideal's Cornish Rocks but in my experience they are all very similar.

    Size and age for butchering depends on your preference. We have found that 6 weeks is the ideal time of us. This gives us an average carcass weight of about 4 lbs. (the females are usually 3.5 lbs, the males between 4-5 lbs.) You won't want to wait much longer than 8 weeks. Health issues are much less issue if you butcher sooner. They also won't be as much of an issue with the free ranging, it helps have healthy birds! Good luck!

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