cornish X chicks waddling at 10 days??

City Chicken

7 Years
Aug 25, 2012
should they already be waddling?? i mean, it's kinda ridiculous.

i started them on FF and switched to crumbles (one chick aspirated the wet feed) and maybe because the feed is dry their crops are stiffer therefore they waddle??
but seriously, is this normal??
ok, i was just afraid that they were getting lazy too soon!!
they are on grass during the day with room to walk about, the waddle totally threw me off! they are NOT like other chicks!
Watch them though. May need to supplement calcium. Crushed calcium added to their water if they continue being jelly legged
i mixed in some kale from my juicer with their feed today. they ate it. kale is also high in calcium and hopefully it will give them a taste for green things and kitchen scraps.
sometimes it just happens. Glad they aren't jelly legged anymore

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