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    I happened to have two Cornish cross - 4-week-old chicks..I don't plan to kill nor eat them, I cam upon them accidentally and decided to keep them as an experiment...meaning how long can they actually live. They definitely are heavier than the other 4-week-old chicks they are growing up with..Can others share their experience for pet quality? such as longevity, leg problems etc.,..


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    Aug 12, 2011
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    They are bred simply for meat... If allowed to live, I hear they usually don't live over 25 weeks or so... They usually die of leg problems or liver disease before reproducing age.
  4. actualy the orignal cornish belive it or not the cornish was breed for fighting by crossing a red aseel cock with a black breasted red old english game hen the goal was to have the power of the aseel with the speed of the old english games but the cross didnet work.But yes ther now breed for meat.
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    I am talking the Cornish X raised for meat. Not the cornish breed. That breed is a complete different story!! [​IMG]

    I hear the pure Cornish are great mothers and decent egg layers, but the Cornish X rarely make it to even lay an egg. [​IMG]
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    I have had some students raise a lot of Cornish-x chickens. They usually butcher before they get to big, but sometimes a few get to live. If they are not over fed after they reach maturity those may be okay. Although most have weak legs and go down. Might as well try it. If you do not want to eat them, someone else will.
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    Feb 25, 2011
    Yes I would cut down on their feed and see if you can inhibit growth enough to keep them from developing complications.

    However, if their quality of life is pretty aweful, I'd just butcher them instead of taking it to the extreme conclusion. Slowly suffocating from your own weight sounds like an aweful way to go. Plus it makes their meat not taste as good, which makes their entire lives seem pointless.
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    Many broilers who are let live over their designated growth period develop cancer and leg problems - but, that said, if you really want to try it I would get them on low-protein feed so their bodies don't develop as fast. The major problems come from the fast growth, and organs, etc., not being able to keep up with the fast rate of growth.

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